Star Wars Yoda Inspired Flush You Must Parody Vinyl Decal – Glow

✴️ STAR WARS FANS LOVE STAR WARS DECOR AND COLLECTIBLES even in the bathroom you can show off what a Star Wars super fan you are with this Storm Pooper toilet decal. Perfect for the toilet seat, toilet lid, bathroom door or wall. Black and popular glow in the dark available.

✴️ THESE 8.5 INCH BY 6 INCH 100% GLOW VINYL DECALS feature the wisdom of Yoda in encouraging all Jedis to flush the toilet! The decal is made of quality glow vinyl which is easy to apply and includes instructions. Follow the wisdom of the great Yoda you must with this funny decal for the bathroom or other areas in the home.

✴️ MEN, WOMEN & CHILDREN of all ages will love this fun gift, or purchase for your own home. The creativity of your Star Wars home restroom and your dedication to Star Wars decor in your home in a way that would make Yoda proud.

✴️ YODA WILL HELP ALL YOUNG JEDIS TO REMEMBER TO FLUSH THE TOILET with our glow in the dark decals. Our glow vinyl material is perfect at night time in the darkness to help Jedis of all ages and will guide against the darkness of night as the stickers CHARGE with light and glow in the darkness.

✴️ PERFECT ADDITION FOR STAR WARS LOVERS and fans of the Yoda and the force. Our decals hit all the right notes to create a new themed bathroom or add to your themed bathroom! The decal will be a great compliment to themed shower curtains, star wars toilet paper, mirrors, in a way that even Darth Vader would exhibit envy.

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Our parody Star Wars-inspired ‘Flush You Must’ decals are perfect as gifts for family, friends, or co-workers. if you’re a Star Wars superfan, one of the decals would make a great addition to your own collection for your themed room or bathroom. This Yoda-inspired ‘Flush You Must’ decal is Glow in the Dark and would be a perfect decor item for your bathroom, toilet seat lid, bathroom door, mirror, or wherever choose to place it. The Flush You Must decal is also great to help your little young Jedis who are learning to potty train. The Glow in the Dark decal can be charged with light and can glow for up to four hours in darkness with the right charge. Show off your decal to your friends or send it as a funny gift for any Star Wars enthusiast. These are the best decals available made with quality vinyl and the very best design on Amazon. Our parody decals will bring laughs and joy to all.

✔ Each decal is 8.5 inches tall and 6 inches wide.

✔ Glow in the Dark vinyl makes this very fun for all.

✔ 100% Vinyl Material, decals can be easily removed if necessary.

✔ Easy instructions included making installation of your decals a breeze.

✔ Excellent gift for any Star Wars super-fan and fun to share with friends.

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